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This is our 6 lane scalextric track its 18x10ft, requiring a working space of 25x15ft.




This track is our six lane 18x10ft track as seen on Radio one's live lounge where Lewis Hamilton raced Nick Grimshaw to see the video please click on the link in the top left corner of the page. This track requires and ideal working space of 25x15ft. As with all our tracks this track if fully scenic and has a computerised lap counting system, this track also has gantries that will bathe the track in a red light at the start of a race which then switch to green as the start lights turn to green and the race begins once the race is underway they will show a bright white light all around the track. During the race one of our members of staff will provide running commentary on how well the drivers are doing in the ten lap race. Each race will begin with the Grand Prix music which really get the nerves going for the drivers and gives a real race feel, we will also play other sounds effects such as crashing sounds, engine revs and crowd cheers. The fastest driver of the event will also win a trophy and will be played we are the champions when receiving it. For more information or quote on hiring this track please contact us using the information at the top of the page.